Paint & Supply



Paint & Supply is an artist duo based in Tokyo that consists of Taku Izawa & Yusuke Doteuchi, specializing in chalk lettering art. We have worked for several fashion brands, liquor brands, companies event and so on.  
Especially in the modern digital society today, we strongly value the touch of handcraft that could only be created with chalk and blackboard.

<Design Process / Work Flow>

1. First of all, we would set up a meeting or contact to discuss about your business’s background. 
2. After understanding your business objectives and the main concept of your business, we come up with words or messages to reflect what you really want to tell or achieve through our artwork. 
3. Based on the messages, we design layouts and chose the most appropriate fonts.  
4. Once you agree and are happy with the design, we will work on designing the lettering on the blackboard.

-Client Works
・GREENROOM FESTIVAL 2015, 2016 / 壁画 (Wall Art)
・Suchmos DRIVE IN THEATER / 壁画 (Wall Art)
・BROOKS BROTHERS / 店内ビジュアル (Store Display)
・JAMESON /イベントメインビジュアル (Event Main Display)
・TWEED RUN TOKYO 2014 / イベントメインビジュアル (Event Main Display)
・The NYC STAND by HEAPS /イベントメインビジュアル (Event Main Display)

Taku Izawa / 井澤卓
Yusuke Doteuchi 土堤内祐介

Paint & Supplyは、チョークレタリングを中心としたデザインユニット。


If you would like to ask for our artwork or have any questions, please reach out to the address below. (担当:井澤 / Point of contact : Taku Izawa)

・アーティストとしての活動を目指しておりますので、内容により、Paint & Supplyとしての製作が難しい場合はお断りさせて頂くこともございます。